Betreff: Access the Power of Fear

Vivian Dittmar
Discover The Power of Your Feelings!
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Free Meditation: Access the Power of Fear
My heart reaches out to all of you in these challenging times. To support you, I have recorded a new guided meditation. It shows you how to transform the shadow expressions of fear, such as panic or paralysis, into its power. When available to you as a power, fear becomes an ally, enabling you to meet the immensity of the unknown now outstretched before us. This field of the unknown is not only fraught with danger, it is also rife with possiblity. My dear friend, the incredible musician Omer Gonen-Haela was kind enough to gift his music to the video, making the journey all the more powerful. This is our gift to you and all who may need it.
In addition, I have chosen to make the entire chapter on The Power of Fear from my book available for free. Click here for your PDF.
Upcoming Release: Your Inner GPS
- What is the difference between a normal thought and a real insight?
- How can you tell when your intuition is speaking to you?
- Does it really make sense to decide solely on the basis of reason - or purely according to the famous gut feeling?
- How do you listen to your heart and is that really always the best advisor?
In my upcoming book, I introduce the five disciplines of thought for the first time: Inspiration, intuition, heart intelligence, reason and intention. I explain how they differ, what is the function of the individual disciplines, how they interact and, above all, how they can be recognized and developed. The English language release is currently planned for early summer 2020. Stay tuned for more details. If you want to find out more, here is a subtitled version of the first ever public talk I gave about the five disciplines of thought.

Upcoming Event: The Integral European Conference in Hungary
In these times of uncertainty, we are learning not to plan ahead too much. Nonetheless, I wanted you to be in the loop about two upcoming events where I will be – for the first time in years – speaking in English. The first is the IEC, Integral European Conference in Hungary from May 26th through 31st, where I will be holding a keynote about the Evolution of Feelings, a workshop on transrational thought and transpersonal feeling and a presentation about the inner GPS. Click on the title of each contribution to watch a short video on that particular subject.

Save the Date: The European Ecovillage Gathering
Second, is the GEN Europe Gathering at the Nature Community in the Bavarian Forest. This gathering of the European Ecovillage Scene is a wonderful opportunity to connect with people who are committed to creating just, sustainable and thriving communities around the world.

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